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How, When, and Why You Should Clean Solar Panels

Any equipment needs maintenance. One of the necessary maintenance procedures that we do is cleaning. A motorcycle that has its engine oil changed often runs better, and the machine lasts longer. A computer or a phone free of viruses, malware, and unnecessary clutters functions better and runs smoother. This is a similar case when it comes to solar panels. Many of the solar experts detail the methods of cleaning your solar panels. Today we are simply going to cover the how, when, and why of the task.
Why Should You Clean Your Solar Panels?
For solar …

How to Become an Expert Solar Panel Installer

If you are planning to jump-start your career as a skilled worker, particularly a solar installer, then you are on the right page. You need to understand several essential points before diving into the complex do’s and don’ts as a skilled solar panel installer.
First, a Photovoltaic Installer (PV) is considered to be the fastest-growing solar installer career within the industry of skilled trade. Based on the United States Labor Statistics’ actual records back in 2017, the employment rate of photovoltaic installers is expected to increase …

How Long Does it Take for Solar Panels to Pay for Themselves

On average, domestic users of solar panels will require 20 years, (though some estimates report 8 to 10 years or even 15 years depending on various variables) to recoup the cost of purchasing and installing a complete solar panel system. in less developed countries where low quality solar panels may be used, the value of such an installation is less, with a payback duration of over 25 years on average. The major reason for this is the low efficiency of photovoltaic cells, which ranges between 15 and 20%. This, combined with the reducing cost of advanced photovoltaic cells, is driving up their demand. In the past, the prices of solar panels…

How the Solar Movement Can Help in Addressing Climate Change

Burning fossil fuels have contributed a lot to the disintegration of the environment. It has become a significant factor in climate change.
As people experience nature’s wrath because of their wrongdoings, many have started to look for alternative energy sources while it’s still not too late.
Make the Transition Now
It is best to make the change now while there is something left to be saved. By becoming a wiser energy user, you will help contribute to a cleaner environment, which future generations will enjoy.
People can help slow down the global warming process, and using solar energy is one …

Solar Energy – Providing Economical Power Source During Wintertime

If you think the best time for you to have solar panels installed at your homes is before the winter begins. You will enjoy many benefits of solar power once the cold season hits.
Spending More Time Indoors
When the weather is cold, most people tend to seek warmth and comfort inside their homes. This equates to higher power consumption due to the frequent use of household appliances, electronics, and lights.
Higher Electricity Bill
The season may be cold, but you aren’t sure how chilly the weather could become. Besides the usual appliances, you will also consume electricity for your heater and other …

Solar Energy – Paving the Way to a Renewables Revolution

The advancement of technology paved the way for solar energy to become at the forefront of the renewables revolution. The construction, materials, and uses have become more efficient, easy to use and install and provide more benefits than their predecessors.
Solar is leading the pack in people’s search for a sustainable future. If you still haven’t jumped shipped and joined the many users who are now enjoying the benefits of using solar panels, it is high time to educate yourself about what you have been missing out.
Addressing Sustainability
Now more than ever, people need to look for alternative power …