Solar Careers at Eurener

We are always on the lookout for bright professionals and industry enthusiasts to join our team. We are among the largest and fastest-growing providers of solar installation services in the Mid-Atlantic region.

With more and more people becoming aware of solar panels’ benefits, we want to keep up with the demand by employing people who want to fast-track their solar careers with jobs in marketing, sales, installation, technical support, and manufacturing.

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Eurener is actively seeking people interested in being part of our solar installer team. We require a construction background, and we will provide solar training for the right candidate.


We offer a good package with incentives to responsible and energetic individuals who want to pursue a sales career at Eurener.


We give out bonuses and cash incentives to qualified individuals who want to become part of our telemarketing staff. Successful candidates will handle clients’ queries about utility bills and take advantage of financial assistance, such as grants and tax credits, to make the solar panel installation more affordable.