Installation Services of Solar Battery Backup

Never assume that you will never lose electricity when the grid goes off while you have solar panels installed. Most solar power systems automatically turn off when there’s a power outage to protect your electronics and the utility line workers.

If you want to keep your lights on despite an electrical grip failure, you must get a solar battery backup installed. You can get this done along with installing the solar panels, or you can opt to have the service if you already have the panels installed.

You can have the batteries added if you have a system using a centralized or string inverter. You can talk to us about the other options if you have a solar energy system running on microinverters.

By adding the battery backup to your grid, you will enjoy the benefits of a hybrid solar system. The setup will utilize added components such as a solar battery bank and a specialized inverter.

Get the Battery from the Start

If you still don’t have the panels installed at your home or business area, it will be more cost-effective to get the panels and battery simultaneously. The battery cost will depend on how much power your place would require in case of a power outage. These systems are built to provide backup power to essential loads, including your security system, lighting, water pumps, heating system, and fridge.