Get Superior Energy Efficiency with SolarEdge PV Inverter

Unlike the traditional inverters, the SolarEdge inverter utilizes the HD-Wave technology and can create a clean sine wave. It works based on the persuasive power conversion technique that allows DSP processing and distributed switching.

This lightweight inverter simplified storing and shipping and made it possible for the installation to be done single-handedly. As a result, more energy is produced, which means a higher ROI.

The Craze about HD-Wave

This technological advancement bestowed with the Intersolar Award in 2016 offers the following features:

  • 5 percent accuracy with the optional integrated revenue graded data
  • Boosted reliability with the absence of electrolytic capacitors
  • Increased commissioning
  • A longer measure of strings which can be up to 5700W per strand
  • Oversizing allowance of up to 155 percent DC/AC
  • A weighted efficiency of about 99 percent CEC
  • Lightweight and small

The SolarEdge PV inverter merges a significant power conversion component and advanced digital control technology. A single-phase inverter comes with the basic 12-year warranty, integrated rapid shutdown, and a built-in D.C. safety switch.

The highlights of the single-phase inverter include the following:

  • All inverters passed the grip compliance of CPUC Rule 21 and were given the UL1741 SA certificate.
  • Offers optional cellular connection
  • Indoor and outdoor installation – IP65/NEMA 3R
  • Internet connectivity via Wireless (Cellular, ZigBee Gateway, Wi-Fi) or Ethernet
  • No-hassle installation
  • Efficiency at its finest